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1. NewMDSX V5.0

2. HAMLET II 3.0


4. Free NewMDSX Trial version

5. On-line Documentation for NewMDSX Users

6. Free MS-dos version of MDSX programs

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1. NewMDSX V5.5.3
NewMDSX remains the foremost Multidimensional Scaling program, and is subject to continuous improvement. Version 5.5.3 replaces all previous versions of NewMDSX from May 2013. It is fully compatible with all Windows Versions up to and including Windows 10.
NewMDSX is no longer available for purchase on this site with effect from 1st November 2018.  Please contact for further information.
Full details of the latest version of the HAMLET text analysis and scaling software, HAMLET II 3.0, are available at
A one-month trial version of Hamlet II 3.0 is available here..

The NewMDSX team are delighted to welcome PERMAP (PERceptual MAPping Software) to the NewMDSX stable. A stand alone interactive multidimensional scaling package completely free of charge. PERMAP

4. Free NewMDSX trial version
Download a free, time-limited, reduced-functionality edition of NewMDSX.

5. On-line Documentation for users of NewMDSX
Full on-line documentation for NewMDSX is now available on-line. DOCUMENTATION

6. MS-Dos version of MDSX programs
The MS-DOS version of MDSX programs (.exe file, documentation and test input and output files) continue to be available at no cost, downloadable from this site. (No upgrades or further support are available).

7. Technical Support

Full technical support is available for purchasers of NewMDSX: SUPPORT.

8. Consultancy

The NewMDSX team are pleased to offer a full consultancy service in Social Science Research Methods including advice on design, data-collection, choice, implementation and the use of MDS and related procedures.
Custom taught courses in MDS at a variety of levels are also available: CONSULTANCY.

9. Links

Our links page has been fully up-dated with a number of interesting new entries. Any site wishing to be included in the Links page should contact us.